Agencies Working With Yellow Wages

Agencies choose to work with Yellow Wages because we provide the service, standards and support you need for both you and your workers:

  • We deal solely with PAYE / HMRC compliant models: you have the reassurance of a fully compliant service and best practice in line with HMRC requirements as well as fully audited processes in place as part of our due diligence;
  • Your workers are employed under a PAYE contract: we look after their employment rights, tax & NI and pension liabilities;
  • Your workers are covered by our £10m Employers Liability and £5m Public Liability insurances;
  • We will assign you a dedicated Account Manager to ensure that you have the support you need;
  • Our Customer Service Advisors are available by telephone or email from 8.30am to 17.30pm Monday to Friday
  • Once they are fully registered, all employees are given access to their online portal, which is available 24/7 and is where they can view their payslips
  • Our experienced and friendly Customer Services Advisors are trained to ensure that the PAYE model is fully explained and understood by your workers;
  • We work closely with both you and your workers to ensure eligibility for expenses submissions where possible to maximise take-home pay
  • We guarantee prompt payment: we understand that it is important for your workers to get paid on time every time

It makes sense for agencies to have Yellow Wages as the preferred choice for their workers.

To get set up with Yellow Wages or for further information please get in touch:


Yellow Wages