Yellow Wages Weekly Payment Process Flow

There are 4 key stages to the payment process:

  • Monday: make sure your weekly timesheet has been authorised and sent to your Agency
  • Why: Your agency needs to confirm your hours so we can process your take home pay
  • Tuesday: make sure your expenses claim have been submitted by 12 noon
  • Why: we need to review and if approved, process your expenses information to be able to ensure that you are paid correctly. We will apply your legitimate mileage claim against your earnings on a weekly basis. Please retain receipts and records of all other permissible expenses incurred, which can be processed at the end of the financial year.
  • Thursday: you will receive a confirmation text of the amount you will be paid on Friday
  • Why: it is important to us to give you the reassurance and visibility of what your take home pay will be
  • Friday: you will be paid on time every week
  • Why: it is important to us that you have the certainty and security of receiving your take home pay
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