Qualifying Criteria

The way that you are able to claim for expenses is governed by the Finance Bill 2016

Mileage is the only expense that can be claimed weekly, all other legitimate expenses must be processed annually by completing form P87

  • If you work exclusively for Yellow Wages throughout the year and you do not need to complete a Self Assessment form then we will automatically process your expenses for you at the end of the financial year.
  • You can find out more about the types of expenses that you can claim tax relief for in the guide ‘Tax allowances and reliefs – employees and directors’ – follow the link below
    Learn about tax allowances and reliefs for employees and directors
  • You are able to claim expenses that are incurred “wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of your duties” and are working at a temporary work place for up to 24 months.
  • We operate under an HMRC issued expenses dispensation
  • As part of our on-boarding process our team of experienced and helpful Customer Service Advisors will clearly explain the expenses process to you. They are also available to answer any expenses queries you may have after that. Should you have any queries please get in touch with us on 01260 548 630 or via the secure online portal

What you can claim

You may be able to claim expenses that were incurred wholly, exclusively necessarily in the performance of your placement duties for which you may receive an income tax or National Insurance benefit as long as one or more of the following scenarios apply:

  • You do not provide a personal service to the end hirer; or
  • You are not under supervision, direction or control (or the right of); or
  • You are travelling to work in the performance of your duties; or
  • You expect to work at multiple worksites for the same labour user

To claim expenses you either submit via your personal online portal account or complete an expense form on a weekly basis and send it to us either to expenses@yellowwages.co.uk or by post to Unit 2, Star Business Park, Congleton Road, North Rode, Macclesfield SK11 9JA. Our team of experienced and helpful Customer Service Advisors are on hand to run through what you can claim for as a legitimate work related expense


Weekly Expenses – Mileage

Mileage rates can be claimed in line with the current Inland Revenue approved rates. These are:
If you are travelling by private vehicle (i.e. your own car, van, motorcycle, bike) you are able to claim a mileage allowance in accordance with the HMRC approved mileage rate outlined below:

  • Car / Van: 45p per mile up to 10,000 miles in the tax year, 25p per mile thereafter
  • Motorbike: 24p per mile
  • Bicycle: 20p per mile

Please be aware that HMRC require you to keep a mileage log of your business journey and that completing the expenses form is sufficient for this.

Most importantly you must submit fuel receipts to show that you have purchased sufficient fuel for the miles claimed

End of Year Expenses – All Other Expenses

Any other expenses you accrue will be processed at the end of the tax year

Send over all your expenses and supporting receipts weekly along with your mileage expenses if you are claiming these

Examples of Other Expenses

  • Travel by public transport: you are entitled to claim the full amount of costs you have incurred to and from your clients site by public transport. Original tickets must be submitted for the journey. If you are purchasing a monthly or weekly pass you are only able to claim for the number of days you have worked
  • Parking / Travel Tolls: if you are paying for any parking / incur any tolls whilst travelling to your temporary workplace you must submit your original receipts
  • Accommodation: if you are required to stay away from home whilst in the performance of your duties you are able to claim these expenses. These include hotels, B&Bs and rented accommodation including bills as long as you still maintain and continue to pay for a main residence.
  • Professional accreditations that are required for you to undertake your placement.
  • Personal protective equipment that is required for you to undertake your placement
  • Subscriptions to professional journals/publications that are relevant to your work
  • Stationery, postage, faxing and photocopying

How to claim

  • Complete online portal: This is the best way to claim expenses because it is simple, straightforward and gives you a record of all your expenses submissions, visit the portal
  • Email to: expenses@yellowwages.co.uk

The deadline for submitting expenses is 12 Noon on the Tuesday of your pay week.

If you are unsure of what you are able to claim on your expenses please call 01260 548 630 and one of our Customer Service Advisors will give you the clarification you need



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